We Are Calgary Landscapers with a Passion for Our Profession

High Standards of Quality Workmanship with No Complaints

Ivanhoe Landscaping was established in 2009 by a father and son team. With experience in the industry since 1979, Ivor Lewis Sr. has developed the landscaping company into an efficient and respectable organization. Having zero complaints with the BBB, the company has grown organically by committing to enforce a high standard of expectations for all the designing and construction they have overseen.

We Pay Detailed Attention to All Factors That Need to Be Considered When Planning Your Landscape Project

One of Ivanhoe’s key areas of focus has been to produce a modern contemporary look to landscaping design. This is achieved by incorporating not only intricate designs to patios, flowerbeds, decks, fences and retaining walls, but also to the functionality and proper placement of landscaping features. Privacy, proper drainage, wind resistance, solar alignment, are all factors considered when planning a landscape plan. While keeping in mind industry standards and permitting the weather, by choosing Ivanhoe for your landscaping project; we guarantee to finish your landscaping in a reasonable-accelerated time. This will allow you to endure a short-lived dusty environment, advancing you to the revamped extension of your home.

Ivor Lewis JrIvor Lewis Jr - Partner
Honours in Engineering Design & Drafting Technology and a young, trendy, smart, experienced landscaper with a passion for landscape design

Born and raised in Calgary he has much experience with the local terrain. Working with his father Ivor has years of experience, creating an extensive amount of skill and knowledge in the landscaping industry. To further his passion with landscaping, Ivor has graduated with honors from the engineering design and drafting technology program in 2013. This allows for drafting of landscape plans, benefiting Ivanhoe by portraying to clients scaled visuals. Ivor strives to create an aesthetically pleasing product, while keeping the site safe, and organized.

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Ivor Lewis Sr. - Partner
With a Bachelor of Commerce and having been engaged in the landscaping scene for over 30 years, Ivor Lewis Sr. has a remarkable aptitude for landscape construction

Possessing years of experience has lead to endless amounts of proper construction and design. Giving pragmatic advice he can help by sensibly and realistically designing landscaping based on proper uses of landscape materials. This is crucial for attaining industry standards while addressing functionality. Having finished his Bachelor of Commerce in Nova Scotia, Ivor is known to be competent in the arts of business. By properly managing multiple business’ he has benefited Ivanhoe in completing projects on time, to all kinds of specifications.

Ivanhoe Landscaping provides you with an accredited superior level of service

With over 35 years of experience, we are industry professionals. Our group of craftsmen have honed their expertise in all aspects of hardscape and landscape design. Our commitment to safety ensures that we use certified and proper construction techniques and are fully insured, licensed and bonded. Our knowledge and adherence to provincial and municipal codes and permit requirements means our structures are constructed to industry regulations. As a reputable and choice company, our commitment to excellence has garnered the respect and trust of developers, contractors, and institutions. This ensures we have access to fast and efficient service, and we use the best equipment and tools in the industry.

Our experienced and professionally trained landscapers encompass a multifaceted construction discipline

The staff at Ivanhoe Landscaping strive for excellence and consistency. Our commitment to the ongoing advancement and education of our employees sets us apart from other competition. We have mastered our technique and bring dedication to our design presence.  We bring knowledge and specific skillsets that form the most well-rounded and talented team in Calgary. Together, they combine years of experience in horticulture with expert installation, delivered with a consistent optimal level of service.

We are committed to environmental stewardship

Our formally trained horticulturists understand our unique foothills ecosystem, and are dedicated to creating landscape environments that will endure the changing seasons. Our services will not only promote and advance a healthier environment, they will also exponentially add to the value of your property. We thoroughly understand how the local climate affects growing condition, and plan areas that are resistant to weeds and ants. We understand that clients crave an easy aesthetic that is low maintenance, and will work with you to create your private oasis. You may be assured of a pristine landscape installation that is polished with the finishing touches.

Our mantra is to meet and exceed your expectations with honesty and integrity

Our professionally trained, award winning designers use the latest technology in architectural landscape software. We will personally meet with you to listen and fully understand your vision. From conception to completion, yours will be an original project of impeccable beauty which reflects your unique perspective.

The team at Ivanhoe Landscaping are dedicated to the advancement and continuing education of our employees

We have honed our skills and are passionate about bringing your plan to life. We are friendly and helpful and dedicated to your project. Your installation will be constructed to code, precisely and properly, and in a timely fashion. We are sensitive to our client’s needs and our installers conduct themselves with professional integrity. Having mastered their technique, they are able to deliver sustainable installations methods that will deliver long lasting results. Let the experts handle the dirty work. We take pride in our work and will work quickly and efficiently. We also will clean the site of debris, with no unnecessary delay. We have the capability to deliver high quality but cost-effective custom landscaping. Our exact level of service eliminates any uncertainty for you, so you can be sure you chose the right landscaper.

There are no gray areas and no hidden costs.

After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate. We break down all the landscaping components separately and will answer all your questions clearly. You can control the pace of development according to your budget, and if needed, we can offer you simpler, more affordable options. There are no deposits or progress payments and we can customize finance plans. Senior discounts are also available. We will adhere to our quoted price and will deliver the project on time and on budget. Our pragmatic construction know-how will avoid costly mistakes and give you beautiful and affordable value.

We GUARANTEE our construction and workmanship for two years.

We provide one of the best manufacturer’s warranties available and as well we guarantee competitive pricing and on time installation.